African Ox horn truffle slicer Veined black colour.

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Truffle slicer with African ox horn handle. Together with our best craftsmen, we designed a blade with an innovative shape that will allow you to create perfect slices of the same thickness. Being a tool created with natural material, the shape, colour and grain of the horn can vary from piece to piece, thus ensuring the uniqueness of your truffle slicer.

One of the most renowned ingredients, sought after and loved by gourmets all over the world. A real gem of the earth with its unmistakable aroma and flavour. Our Country is one of the largest producers in the world. Impress your guests with this top-quality tool.

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  • 100% genuine African ox horn
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Dimensions 30x10 cm
  • Handmade in Italy

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