Bell shaped cheese cutter with African Ox horn handle and base. Black color.

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The love for quality and beauty, the obsessive care that we put in the attention to detail pushes us to create something exclusive every single day to bring beauty in our daily lives. Like our bell-shaped cheese cutter. Cheese, as we know, needs the right blade and shape to be enjoyed and tasted at its best.

Our cheese cutter with African ox horn handle. This wonderful knife comes with a wooden support base lined with high-quality leather and African ox horn supports to store the knife in a vertical position after use. Being made with natural material, the shape, color and grain can vary, providing uniqueness and exclusivity to our product.

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  • 100% genuine African ox horn
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Base: 100% cowhide leather covered wood
  • 100% genuine African ox horn
  • Blade size when cut 12 m, height 16 cm
  • Handmade in Italy

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